Song Song Couple UNFOLDING

Song Song Couple has got to be my latest, craziest addiction these days. I think this Couple clearly evolved from friends to secret lovers. 🙂

Anyway, while some are insisting that Song Ji Hyo and Song Joong Ki’s closeness is more of a Sibling-like relationship. I strongly believe that there’s no such siblings will act the same way they did around each other. Siblings don’t share sweet love lines like the Song Song Couple, right?

What I love the most about this couple is that they really tend to be right next to each other at all times possible especially Joong Ki, who will try to follow his noona wherever she goes. You can even witness him giving her stolen glances in almost all RM episodes.

I may be a self-confessed SongSong Couple biased but I am purely expressing what I’ve heard and observed ^^

So here, I’ve collected some of my favorite parts and greatest Song Song Couple moments yet from the previous and latest Running Man Episodes.


While doing a mission, Song Joong Ki suddenly asked Ji Hyo ” Have you ever felt me as a man?” then kissed her unexpectedly on the cheeks making them both awkward for a few minutes.



Joong Ki uttered some sweet words for Ji Hyo when it was his turn to share a date with her. They even imitated the popular Titanic scene during this episode. Well, Joong Ki seems like he really wanted to date her for real and I don’t blame him. 🙂



One of the best Song Song love lines ever! As expected, Joong Ki and Ji hyo were on the same team. They both agreed to send Gwang Soo to compete with the other cast members. While doing so, Joong Ki, out of the blue suggested an excellent idea which made his Ji Hyo noona smile.

“Joong Ki: If we send Gwang Soo, then our team will definitely lose, right? then me and Ji Hyo noona will just forfeit and head straight to Mok Po for a trip”



The RM cast were instructed to choose their own team members. Both Gary and Joong Ki were aiming for Ji Hyo. Joong Ki as seen below was trying his best to keep her away from Gary. lol



The Song Song Couple were again on the same team and Joong Ki as their team’s representative. After winning the last task against Gwang Soo, Ji Hyo ran towards Joong Ki and hugged him for a job well done.



Apparently, Ji Hyo was already with Gary’s team but somehow she didn’t like the whole idea of  it. While everyone was busy and unaware of her mischievous plan, Ji Hyo ran towards Joong Ki right after the pedestrian traffic signals turned green leaving her team stunned especially Gary. Isn’t that sweet! ❤



Joong Ki got mad after learning that Ji Hyo decided to choose Gary & the others instead of him. Ji Hyo was later seen saying sorry after he confronted her. ~ Looks like they were having some lover’s quarrel here. LOL 🙂

Joong Ki: How can you do this to me?! Ji Hyo: Joong Ki -ah, biyane Joong Ki: I really brought coffee and waited for you! Ji Hyo: Joong Ki – ah, I’m really sorry



Because Ji Hyo was the first one to be eliminated, she was asked to park the car herself. However, it was so sweet of Joong Ki to send her off like that to make her feel better.


Ji Hyo and Joong Ki end up doing the episode’s punishment along with HaHa and Kim Joong Kook.  They had to eat and share a noodle just like lovers in front of the public. However, this doesn’t look like a punishment, at least for Joong Ki. haha..He definitely looks very eager to do the task. Don’t you agree? LOL


Do I have to elaborate more? But seriously, I really can’t get enough of this couple. They make my every Sunday alive and interesting. I am so looking forward for more Song Song Moments in the future and promise myself to make more Song Song articles in the next few weeks. I also hope that these two will soon realize that they are undoubtedly perfect for each other. Song Song Couple Fighting! ❤

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23 thoughts on “Song Song Couple UNFOLDING

  1. I appreciate your enthusiastic – I don’t mind who call them sibling because it is not bad for our Song-song to be free from pressure or resistance. Anyway, after watching episode 39 I slightly concerned that Running man is going back to the direction of “assigened character” concept . I don’t know how others or PD think but I feel Ji hyo, joong ki and other casts are best perform in relax mode – there is supported by viewer rating . While Monday couple transparency present as official character of the show I just wonder why in case of Song-song it seem somewhat mysterious…umm I just finger crossing 🙂

    • awww thanks! and I agree with you, maybe using the term Song Song Siblings is safer and there’s no pressure needed for both parties. and yes, RM seems like they’re going back to their old concept. Sometimes, it would be so much better if they would let them choose who they really want to be with in each task. And as expected, Monday couple is still very much being promoted by the show while Song Song Couple remains mysterious which makes it more intriguing and interesting, right? 🙂

  2. Aaaaaa I really love this article!

    I ship them hard.
    Yes it’s definitely love, right? 😉

    Thank you for sharing! ^.^

    • haha right! thanks for reminding! actually there’s a lot of Song Song moments that I still want to add. Every single Song Song moments are worth remembering! lol I’ll try to add them soon. thanks! 🙂

  3. thank you so much for sharing it to us for me i hook up right away the first time song ji hyo guest it in the running man do you remember that joong ki tell them that he thought it was sandra park and so on ……………looking forward for song song moments ……………..

    • Awwww thanks! yeah I’ve seen that episode. Guess Joong Ki was an avid Dara Fan back then. lol but now he got Ji Hyo, right?^^ and me too! I’m definitely looking forward for more song song moments! 😉

  4. I just love them both so much, they are my second favourite couple of all times and i just can’t get enough of them…………………my first one is from a drama
    well i am glad that lately there have been made videos on youtube with them, and fan pages and facebook……………..the interest in them is increasing, i would just wish that korean people love them just as much as Monday Couple, and joonki’s fans stop being so mean and gealous

    • couldn’t agree with you more! I don’t really know why some people are against the idea of them being together! It’s very obvious that they get along really well and they look perfect together. what more can they ask for?! LOL… lets just keep our hopes up for this couple and also, thanks for dropping by! Song Song
      Couple! fighting!

  5. i love them!! i really like monday couple because they makes me laugh a lot also with haha but song song are cute!! they look good each other and so natural and confortable with each other lately they became more close hugging each other and even he touch her lips with his finger! the way they look each other is so cute! im pretty sure they like each other but coz of the antis RM are promoting Monday couple

  6. haha aww ‘windxx28’ so true!!! i dont get why ppl are so against this couple either.. :O kekekee maybe bc the chemistry btn them is so obvious, it makes one envious keke! XD they really are so perfect together, and compliment each other so well, Jihyo is gorgeous and feminine w the perfect tinge of toughness (Y) and Joongki, despite being a flower boy, is sooo manly esp when it comes to Jihyo :)) im going to be shipping this couple well into the future keke!!

  7. Yes , i agree that … Im always got curious of this 2 couple ,xD
    really like them 2 be real !! Poor man gary …he
    actually i lke ji hyo with her long style its make her become more young …but she still good in that short hair be real !! Poor man gary …he
    actually i lke ji hyo with her long style its make her become more young …but she still good in that short hair

  8. I like the fact that they worked together in Frozen Flower before running man kekekekeke song song couples/siblings fighting!!! XD anddd didn’t he mention her while getting the SBS variety award thing? :O

  9. This couple is make me addicted with running man!! I already observe it since early episode where gwang soo is really close to joong ki and he always ask jihyo, the type of man she likes, maybe it was for joong ki? lol I don’t know, maybe it just what im thinking xD
    and later he never ask again while song couple become more closer! XD

  10. There was a song song moment in episode 28 🙂 The one whereby Jihyo shared her scarf with joongki because he was too under dressed during that season 🙂

  11. Haha you should add in episode 23 as well! When joong ki told ji hyo she should leave Gary and be wih him. And when he turned back to hold her hand when they were running during the first game!!! ><

  12. Hahaha, sometime I found song2 couple seem so close n little bit awkward.
    Im not gonna say that they attracted each other as boy to girl, its seem like they just playing around. Lol……omg!!! My unclear comment

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